We provide full protection of the goods sent.

We pack goods without limits. We use proven, secure materials and components from renowned manufacturers from all over the world. We design and execute reliable solutions. We have a storage area for unpacked and packed goods.

  • Individual design packaging solutions according HPE.
  • Material goods and self-realization.
  • Without limit of size and quantity.
  • Every location of your choice.
  • Secure materials of the highest quality for every type of transport.

Our package

We produce a lot of wooden transport packaging – from light, simple disposable pallets, through openwork and full boxes, to complicated steel wood constructions. In any dimensions, quantity, version and purpose.


Industrial, disposable, special, and container pallets. Moreover with bilateral or quadrilateral entry and other according to the customers demand

Full and openwork boxes

For maritime, land and air transport, from solid wood, plywood, OSB, chipboard, for dispatch of every type of commodity, for every quantity, to each continent. For example, special boxes for heavy weight, boxes for the delivery of cylinders and shafts.

Special constructions

Wooden or with elements of wood, for every purpose and implementation. For example plywood (AW 100), wooden construction to make transportation safer.

What we pack?

  • steel structures 
  • bridge spans 
  • large-sized tanks 
  • heavy presses 
  • turbines 
  • elements of wind turbines
  • agricultural, construction and industry machinery 
  • all technological lines 
  • ships and planes 
  • armoured vehicles 
  • control cabinets 
  • dangerous materials 
  • many other materials according to your needs, including oversized cargo 

The quality of wood used for packaging is confirmed with a thermal treatment certificate and special mark on the boxes. Other stamps of the cargo describe the type of usage, storage and transport material contained inside of box and labels with dimensions, weight and address description.

Land transport

At the time of the most popular type of transport, commodity has to survive a lot of physical factors without changing state. The most important objective in this situation is the choice of packaging and security system of loads, which ensure safety and faster loading or unloading.

Each realization needs individual solutions in packaging and security during transportation as well as loading and unloading.

Packing for land transport in its construction must be characterized by appropriate reinforcements in combination with the use of agents increasing friction and appropriately selected fastening means, which in effect provide protection against inert cargo movement during transport meeting the overriding objective of safety.

A significant part of cargo carried by land transport is oversized cargo, requiring both specialized transport as well as packaging and security.

Weight of 40 tons, a steel construction with a length of 20 meters, or shaft with diameter 4 meters, you can rely for us.

Air transport

TYear after year air transport is more important for intercontinental transport. To prepare the cargo for air delivery, it is necessary to fulfil the following conditions:

  • the weight of cargo,
  • the pressure at 1 m2,
  • sizes and centre of gravity of packed cargo,
  • type of plane and airline,
  • flight route,
  • hygroscopic properties,
  • sensitivity to vibration,
  • sensitivity to change of pressure and temperature,
  • Places of storage and reload.

A significant part of cargo carried by land transport is oversized cargo, requiring both specialized transport as well as packaging and security.

Weight of 40 tons, a steel construction with a length of 20 meters, or shaft with diameter 4 meters, you can rely for us.

Maritime transport

The capacity of maritime transport is unbeatable. It allows the delivery a larger quantity while reducing finances. Maritime transport requires special method of packing and stowage – effective security load both in crate and container.

Solid packaging – the basis

Packaging of goods in maritime transport has to protect from mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions, such as humidity, salinity of air, lack of air ventilation, or regular temperature fluctuations.

In KADOR we always make individual packaging projects and professional plans of stowage. It is selected to match the specific requirements of every load and ensures optimal protection while in transportation.

We use damp-proofing for a period of 3 to 36 months by using PE foil, aluminium foil, containing desiccant and hermetically sealing the box. Moreover we use the Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor method.

Stowage of container – load stability

We use a wooden construction and special air pads to secure the cargo. This type of packaging ensure that all the boxes in the container are stable and secure from movement and damage. This activity is the last step in the process of packaging and is very important because it guarantees safety. Without doing this, the parcel could be destroyed.

Moreover we add special equipment to the containers which protects the condition of the cargo from vibrations, humidity, and inclination. Thanks to this, we know that our cargo will be safe.

We are on the special list of approved shippers authorised to determine VGM. The shipper has to verify the weight of the container using certified equipment. KADOR’s VGM document is a guarantee of acceptance by the port terminal.

Highest quality materials

We guarantee the highest level of service and the materials which we use are supplied from around the world and are carefully checked.

  • Dessication (Germany),
  • Insulation foils (Germany, France),
  • Conveyor belts (Polska),
  • Position and movement indicators (USA) 
  • Plywood (Brazil),
  • Wood (Germany, Poland)  
  • PE Foil (Germany, Poland) 
  • VCI Foil  (Germany),
  • Fastening materials (Germany)  
  • Machines and tools e.g. Weinig, Holz-Her, Linde, Bostitch, Paslode (Germany, USA)


We adhere to international phytosanitary standards for wooden exporting package (ISPM 15 norm). Every element of our package is heat treated.

We still cooperate with tested suppliers of raw materials from Germany and Poland. They know our needs and requirements very well so we can plan all implementation.

We have our own drying chambers so we are independent in wood processing and we can quickly process individual orders of our customers.

Insulation packaging and desiccation

Effective protection against external factors is the basis. We use special welded steam insulation foil DIN 55531-1 (composite of aluminium or polyethylene). This type of foil is very durable and separates materials from the outside air. Individually calculated quantity of KADORgel® desiccant absorbs the rest of the humidity. These desiccants protect the atmosphere, are not dangerous for materials and are non toxic.