We offer comprehensive assembly, disassembly and relocation of production lines, machines and many types of devices around the world. We have a special technical background and specialized staff. Thanks to this, we can process big investments associated with the relocation of plants or new constructions.

How looks process of machines relocation?

  • Mechanical and electric disassembly,
  • Transportation of machines to loading/packaging location,
  • Element designation and preparation of district transfer documentation,
  • Loading onto the selected method of transport,
  • Cargo protection on transport time,
  • Machines/Containers transfer to the required relocation,
  • Unloading and unpacking of machines at the new location,
  • Internal transport and positioning of moved elements at the new destination,
  • Foundation and basis construction for machine installation and technological lines,
  • Mechanical and electric assembly of moved items to the new location,
  • Assistant at start-up.

What we relocate?

  • Industrial equipment,
  • Technological and production line,
  • Machines
  • Whole factories
  • Other, depending on your requirements.
Our technical facilities
  • Forklifts 3-25T,
  • A reach stacker with a load capacity of up to 45T,
  • Work platforms,
  • Lifting equipment such as cranes, gantries, hoists etc.
  • Fully equipped toolbox (for packers and fitters),
  • All necessary belts and slings,
  • Set of chain hoists,
  • A set of transport rollers and hydraulic jacks for transfer of heavy items and a set of adjustable and manual wrenches,
  • All necessary power tools,
  • Toolboxes for every fitter.

Because we specialize in export packaging, we offer professional packaging machines for land, maritime and air transport to safely reach your new destination


  • Comprehensive service – from disassembly, packing, loading, transport, to installation to the new location,
  • Always on time,
  • Above all, security,
  • Individual solution for every order,
  • Constant assistance and preparation of documentation.
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